The Polyak Difference

Polyak Precious Metals is a family owned business in the San Francisco Bay Area, with over 35 years of experience combined in the field. We are the leading buyer and seller of gold, silver and platinum bullion and numismatics. We also pay top dollar for your unwanted gold and silver jewelry. Customers love our transparency. Everything is tested, measured and calculated in front of you. Nothing is done behind the scenes. All of our appraisals are free and we honor all of our original quotes. Furthermore we are also here to educate, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to call, email, or visit our shop for help and consultations. We also accept Bitcoin for bullion purchases!


3 words; Quantity, Quantity, Quantity. We buy and sell large quantities of bullion coins and bars every single day. This allows us to keep our bid and ask prices among the most competitive in the industry.

Customer Service

We do not hire commission based sales people or telemarketers. Many of our competitors will lure clients in with flashy advertising, and then try to sell expensive, overpriced rare coins, with quick talk about ‘government confiscation’ or ‘profit potential’. The premiums they often charge are ludicrous, and usually at least 20% above fair market value. At Polyak Precious Metals, we will not try to sell you on anything to make a quick buck. We believe in building long term relationships based on trust and integrity. This is why we respond promptly to clients, and treat them with respect.

Order Processing

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We pride ourselves on our industry leading order turnaround. Some companies may try to attract clients by offering ‘low prices’. Once they get you on the phone however, they either try to sell you rare coins, or add additional fees. When you finally place an order, it can take many weeks to be delivered. At Polyak Precious Metals, we make sure that every order is shipped out as soon as funds are cleared in our account.


We believe that the most important advantage of owning physical precious metals is that transactions can be discreet, private, and secure. We respect the privacy of all of our clients, and unlike many other precious metals dealers, we do not take any personal information that isn’t necessary to complete a transaction.