Gold Bullion

Polyak Precious Metals buys and sells Gold Bullion Coins and Bars in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and minted by several highly reputable producers. Gold bullion is simply a term used to describe physical Gold products that are traded based solely on the Gold content, plus or minus a small premium. The reason many people choose Gold bullion bars and coins, is because it is the most economical way of owning physical Gold. The premiums above the spot price of Gold is much lower on Gold bullion than on numismatic, or rare Gold coins.

American Eagle
American Buffalo
Canadian Maple Leaf
Austrian Philarmonic
South African Krugerrand
Chinese Panda
Gold Bars

Silver Bullion

All Silver Bullion sold by Polyak Precious Metals is recognized worldwide. We sell the most commonly traded, reputable silver bullion items from official government mints. As well as silver bullion bars and rounds minted by some of the world’s most reputable private refineries, such as Johnson Matthew, Engelhard, and several other prominent silver producers. We also carry 90% “junk” silver coinage in the form of pre-1965 half dollars, quarters, and dimes.

American Eagle
Canadian Maple Leaf
Austrian Philarmonic
Chinese Panda
90% Junk Silver
Silver Rounds
Silver Bars
Silver Commemorative Coins

Cash for Gold and Silver

We are a family owned and operated Gold Buyer with a retail store in San Francisco.We do not spend ridiculous amounts of money on Marketing and Advertising, so this allows us to transfer these savings in the form of higher payments to our customers.The entire process is handled right in front of our clients, and each step of the process is explained. We use an X-Ray Fluorescent Metal Analyzer that tests the purity of each gold, silver or platinum item.We offer free verbal appraisals, with no pressure to sell your items.

Pins & Brooches
Dental Gold
Candle Sticks

Rare Coins and Paper Money

With decades of experience in the numismatic coin industry Polyak Precious Metals can help you evaluate, sell, or collect the coins of your dreams. We purchase coins that are loose as well as graded by PCGS, NGC, PMG, etc. Each rare item is individually evaluated and priced based on the current market price of said coin. With the rare collectible market booming over the past decade choose Polyak Precious Metals to help you manage and diversify the collections of your dreams. Email us a picture of your coin and get an estimate of what it may be worth!

Pre-1933 U.S. Gold Coins
Pre-1965 U.S. Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarters & Dimes
Proof Sets, Mint Sets, Commemoratives, etc.
Type Coins
Paper Currency and Notes
Civil War Tokens
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